remock NET® RLN1


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This product is not compatible with your lock.

Check if your remock PRO invisible lock is compatible with the remock NET mobile connection kit:

Mobile connection kit (for Android and iOS)

RF Technology

Control all REMOCK devices from anywhere in the World

2 versions available

Valid only on locks with serial number SW (located on the lock body, on the side opposite the opening/closing bolt), up to 2016. (Lock model with antenna and control with red light).

Product information

For locks with serial number SW-0XXXXX

Remock NET will allow you to control your invisible and smart locks remock RLK, remock PRO, remock ONE and remock MAGIC from anywhere in the world with your cell phone.


Remock / Cerraduras de Seguridad / Cerraduras Antiokupas /  Remock Coder

¿Qué necesitas para ello?

Válido únicamente con cerraduras invisibles con nº de serie SW-0XXXXX y superior a RLP-045530. El nº de serie está ubicado en el cuerpo de la cerradura, en la parte lateral opuesta al bulón de apertura / cierre.).

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