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  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable
  • Very secure
  • Configurable
  • Say goodbye to the key
  • Good value for money
  • Options for all door types

  • Surprise factor, from the outside they will not be able to know if it is installed or in what area of the door or window, making it impossible for them to force it.

    Compatible with your current door, even if it is a glass door our lock has extra strong adhesives located on the mounting and locking plates for its adherence on this type of surfaces.

    Efficient energy management system consisting of three stages, so you will always be able to open your lock.

    You will be able to register and deregister users through the registration button on your lock.

    Control it from anywhere in the world with the remock NET® mobile connection kit, through this device you can register thousands of users and manage authorizations even for users who do not make frequent use of the lock (guests).

    Highly secure remote controls, with built-in encrypted double coding system.

    No wires, no maintenance and no fees.

    We are the pioneers in introducing the concept of invisible security.

  • Locks with remote controls: Depending on the lock and its accessories, you can control it with a remote control or with your cell phone.

    Locks with codes: This type of lock gives the main user the power to register multiple users, as he/she is the one who sets the password beforehand.

    Fingerprint locks: Access is very simple as it only involves placing the fingerprint. Its simplicity is accompanied by extra security, ensuring that only the authorized person is the one who can access through his fingerprint. Ideal for banks and companies with very restricted access to authorized personnel only.

    Card locks: The card reader is another opening mechanism that has gained importance in access control, due to its easy maneuverability and operation similar to the remote control, with the difference that it is necessary to bring the card close to the reader to open the lock.

 remock® locks have proven to be the most secure. Their resistance capacity and the impossibility of being able to pick them make them the effective enemy against burglars. This type of lock prevents the thief from opening the door, which is a preventive method against any burglary attempt. Unlike an alarm that alerts you when the burglar is already inside the house, the invisible lock prevents the burglar from entering.

The invisible lock is ideal for increasing the security of a home or business. It adapts to any type of door and is compatible with the remock MAGIC® smart lock, which together with the remock NET® mobile connection kit not only offers security but also automation and the possibility of controlling them from anywhere in the world.

Invisible locks, the ultimate solution to theft.

Before defining what is the anti-bumping system, it is necessary to answer what is "Bumping"? It is an opening method, widely used by thieves, which consists of inserting a manipulated key into the lock cylinder and hitting it in order to make the cylinder pistons "dance". This causes the cylinder pistons to jump simultaneously when the key is struck, allowing the key to turn and thus opening the security door. The Bumping technique is executed in just half a minute and does not damage the locking system of the door, so it is difficult to appreciate at first glance.

From what has been said above, it can be seen that the lock is a fundamental element to avoid burglaries in the house. It is at this point where the anti-bumping system takes on important relevance, since this is a system that prevents a thief from perpetuating a burglary.

It is important to keep in mind that in addition to the bumping method, there are other methods to perpetuate a robbery, techniques such as slipping with X-ray, extraction or drilling of the cylinder, impressioning, picking, among others. But if you have an invisible lock, these thefts cannot occur.

The invisible lock acts as an effective anti-bumping, anti-picking, anti-fracture, anti-drilling device, with digital protection of double codification (rolling code system).


No. It is not suitable for outdoor use. It is for indoor use only.

The mounting screws provided in the security kit are standard screws and these may vary depending on the material of the door. On the other hand, it is very important to note that the screws that connect the lock body to the mounting plate should not be replaced with other screws.

Yes, as many locks as required can be installed on each door. And you can even open and close them all with a single remote control. A single remote control can open unlimited locks installed on the same or different doors. You only need to link that remote to each lock.

Functionality and characteristics

If a thief uses the inhibitor, this will affect the alarms because they will not be able to communicate with the control panel, but in the case of the lock it will be indifferent because he will not be able to control or manipulate it.

The 4 remote controls included in the security kit are delivered linked as standard. Below, the linking process is explained for when you need to link them for security reasons, to delete them, or due to loss or theft of a remote control. To add new remotes or link them to a second lock, the process is similar.

The way to program the remote controls is by means of the registration button located on the battery holder of the lock (you must first remove the cover). Once the registration button has been pressed and after the initial beep has sounded, you will have 15 seconds to program all the remote controls you have at your disposal, to do this you must press one of the keys (open or close) of each remote control, one after the other, but all within a time of 15 seconds (programming period). You must keep in mind that you should not keep pressing the remote control keys, one press on each remote control is enough. After this time (15 seconds), the lock will emit a final beep to end the programming. For more information please refer to page 13 and 14 of the Instruction Manual (See video).

No, the remote controls cannot be copied. They are provided with an encrypted communication system that varies at each opening and closing.

The lock does not have to be changed. You will have to delete the remote controls by pressing the reset button as indicated in the programming section of the instruction manual. From that moment on, all the remote controls will be deleted and you will have to repeat the programming process for all the remote controls you have available within the programming time, which is approximately 15 seconds. It is advisable to keep a backup remote control in a trusted place such as the car, a family member's or neighbor's house, etc.

Each lock can be opened by up to 16 remote controls. Therefore, each member of your family can have a remote control to gain access to your home. Also, if you want to install your invisible lock in your company's offices and there are more than 16 colleagues, you can make use of the remock NET® mobile connection kit, this will increase the number of users from 16 to an unlimited number.

A single remote control can open unlimited locks installed on the same or different doors depending on the configuration you make. Likewise, you can install as many locks as required on each door. They can all be opened and closed with a single remote control.

You can configure the access control yourself directly, the process is simple.

Yes, it is possible to control the lock, in addition to the remote control, through the remock NET® mobile connection kit. This device increases the number of users of the lock from 16 to an unlimited number of users. It also allows you to manage authorizations and manage openings and closings from anywhere in the world.

Energy source

Lock: 8-10 months with an average use of 20 openings/closings per day (conventional family).

Remote controls: can last for years.

No, the remock® memory will not erase the links to the remote controls when the batteries are changed

The operation of the lock will be slower when the batteries are running low. Also, the intelligence of the lock has three stages before changing the batteries:

  1. Normal operation and the lock warns of low battery with a flashing LED and audible signals;
  2. There will be continuous visual and audible alerts and closing operation will not be allowed, only opening operation will be allowed;
  3. If for some reason the batteries have not been changed despite the two previous steps, the lock under its own intelligence performs an automatic opening.


When the LED light flashes and different acoustic signals than usual are emitted, you should remove the cover and replace the batteries (the lock will make a closing and opening check when inserting the batteries, you will also hear beeps of these two operations). Finally, you should check the operation of the lock.

It will be necessary to change the battery when the action distance to the lock starts to reduce.

In order to change the battery it will be necessary to separate the two parts of the housing (screws in the latest model or a pointed tool in the previous model). You will need to replace the CR2032 button cell battery, reassemble the remote control and check the operation.

Warranty and issues