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remock CODER®
Scegliete una tastiera con sistema crittografico integrato.
remock MAGIC®
Seleccione su MAGIC®

The MAGIC smart lock is a very cost-effective option, especially in tourist flats, where the possibility of sharing temporary access codes without the need for internet is a reality thanks to the CODER encrypted keypad. The joint work of both devices represents an integrated solution for holiday rentals, with a technology that does not need internet connection to generate temporary access codes, the technology is through encrypted codes (cryptography). It is an advanced system that will allow the owner of the property to generate codes from wherever he is, in which he can assign the start and end date of the rental, the owner does not need internet connection, neither to generate the code nor to send it, the guest does not need it either, the only thing the guest must do is to enter the code on the keypad to open the door.

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