The leading company in smart invisible locks.

We are pioneers in the introduction of the new concept of invisible security, through the development of the innovative security system.

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Industry Leaders

Patented and recognized as the authentic, original and leading Invisible Remock Lockey

Since our origin we have a clear concern with the quality of the products and services we offer, as well as a remarkable commitment to innovation, qualities that our customers recognize every day

In all these years of existence we have implemented a new product concept that did not exist until now and we have consolidated our brand.

The conventional lock as an entry mechanism has hardly evolved in decades, so much so that approximately the vast majority of installed locks, although classified as “security” are very easy to open, allowing thieves to enter the door quietly and quickly, using lock picks, magic keys, bumping, drills or extraction tools. The solution to this problem is remock ONE® and remock PRO®, an invisible security lock that is impossible to pick because it cannot be seen from the outside, and remock MAGIC®, a motorized cylinder compatible with the invisible lock.