Do you have a tourist apartment?

We have the perfect solution: MAGIC + CODER

magic coder

Organize your guests' visit in less than 1 minute

And from wherever you are

Handing keys to guests at check-in is the most time-consuming task in vacation rental management. Using this solution for your vacation rental will help you reduce operational costs, streamline the check-in process and improve your accommodation reviews. Organize the autonomous arrival of your guests from wherever you are in less than 1 minute.

What utilities do they offer?

The key on the cell phone

In this way, everything will be more agile and you and your guests will waste less time

Wherever you are

From anywhere you can generate temporary authorizations for the duration of your stay.

Works offline

You will not need internet at the hosting to generate the authorizations.

Soft installation

MAGIC and CODER are easily installed without cables and are powered by batteries.


CODER is suitable for outdoor use.

Physical key holder

You can always open with a key in case you need it.

One-time payment

No fees or subscriptions.

Perfectly compatible with our other products

Maximize safety by combining them

remock® is the natural result of technological developments in the field of security. The conventional lock as an entry mechanism has hardly evolved in decades, so much so that approximately the vast majority of installed locks, although classified as “security” are very easy to open, allowing thieves to enter the door quietly and quickly, using lock picks, magic keys, bumping, drills or extraction tools. The solution to this problem is remock ONE® and remock PRO®, an invisible security lock that is impossible to pick because it cannot be seen from the outside, and remock MAGIC®, a motorized cylinder compatible with the invisible lock.