Intelligent Security

The best-selling invisible lock on the market

¿Why choose remock products?

Technology at the service of the safety of those who matter most to you.

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customer service

Our sales department will study your needs to recommend the best solution. In addition, our
after-sales team will help you with any questions you may have during installation or use.

Spanish developer
and manufacturer

National innovation. All our products are designed in Spain and manufactured under strict
quality standards, in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

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Security specialists and
pioneers in invisible locks

More than 10 years advising and innovating in security solutions for all sectors. With Remock,
the concept of invisible locks was born.

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Compatibility between
all our products

Maximum compatibility between products and versions. Our support department will be able to advise you in each case.

Smart Security Net Kit

The only system on the market that combines the Invisible Lock and the Smart Lock in the
same door with complete compatibility.

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How can we help you

We are not only a solution for your security. We invite you to join our network and continue growing together. Get in touch with us and we will assist you quickly.

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Product range and accessories

We have the best selling invisible locks in the market. Protect yourself against theft and illegal squatters. Manageable from your mobile device with various functionalities. We also have other solutions for security and access control at a private level, for companies and for vacation rental management.

You have the control

With our remock products

Control your door from anywhere in the world


Goodbye keys! Open and close automatically


Create and share temporary controls


Manage all your keys (authorizations)


Check in via app / email

Download remock APPs for FREE!

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INVISIBLE AND INTELLIGENT, impossible to force from the outside.

3 YEARS WARRANTY, with high standards of quality and design.

DOOR AUTOMATION, your cell phone in an intelligent key


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