Security, intelligence and comfort for your home

The remock® smart locks give you the security you have always sought

Access codes to whoever you choose and for as long as you want and be notified when it has been used

You will be able to open your door wherever you are and you will never miss any courier delivery again

Applications compatible with any mobile

Compatibility of all our products for the same door

Maximum security, avoiding bumping, picking, magic keys, drills or extraction tools.

Without visible elements and impossible to force from the outside

Perfectly compatible with the rest of our products

Maximize security by combining them

remock® is the natural result of technological advances in the field of security. The conventional lock as an entry mechanism has hardly evolved in decades, so much so that approximately the vast majority of installed locks, although classified as “security”, are very easy to open, allowing thieves to enter through the door silently and quickly, using lock picks. , magic keys, punches, drills or extraction tools. The solution to this problem are remock ONE® and remock PRO®, an invisible security lock that is impossible to pick because it cannot be seen from the outside, and remock MAGIC®, a motorized cylinder compatible with the invisible lock.