The best-selling invisible lock on the market


The best-selling invisible lock on the market

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La cerradura invisible más vendida del mercado

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remock PRO®

Exclusive dual motor system

A unique mechanism on the market available on the PRO model. Any friction, dilatation, incorrect installation that prevents the lock from operating normally can be corrected after an effective opening thanks to the second motor.


No visible elements from the outside: anti-picking, anti-bumping, anti-slip. Locks the door with a high security bolt preventing the entry of thieves and illegal squatters.


With remock NET you can control the remock PRO lock from wherever you are. Generate temporary authorizations for guests or tenants. Or simply open and close with your cell phone on a daily basis. 

Fixing Elements

Compatible with any door of a house, office, storage room, wardrobe, closet, motor home, etc. And compatible with other remock products such as remock MAGIC and remock CODE. You can have a fully automated and wireless door, secure and with an easy and comfortable access system.

Choose the one that best suits your style

We give you the possibility to choose among our multiple finishes.

Available in silver, gold and white.

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Maximize your safety

Kit includes:

Lock Body

Mounting Plate

Locking Place

Four remote controls

Two AA alkaline batteries

Fixing elements (screws)

Centering cylinder Allen key

Perfectly compatible with our other products

Maximize control by combining them

The most secure lock

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Key management

Su uso es exclusivo para interiores. No está preparada para exteriores.


Cost Savings

La cerradura se abre mediante un mando a una distancia máxima de 10 metros


Programming and Encryption

Comunicación encriptada anticopia entre la cerradura y el mando. El usuario podrá emparejar por sí mismo los mandos que necesite, y podrá controlar tantas cerraduras como tenga instaladas en la misma o en distintas puertas con un único mando.

Capa 54


Cada cerradura puede ser abierta por hasta 16 mandos a distancia.



The innovative security lock with no externally visible elements


Double engine

The only invisible lock on the market with a redundant system to avoid unforeseen events.


Power supply

The lock’s intelligent system will warn in advance of the in advance of battery depletion.



The warranty provides up to 3 years of coverage against manufacturing defects.

remock® is the natural result of technological developments in the field of security. The conventional lock as an entry mechanism has hardly evolved in decades, so much so that approximately the vast majority of installed locks, although classified as “security” are very easy to open, allowing thieves to enter the door quietly and quickly, using lock picks, magic keys, bumping, drills or extraction tools. The solution to this problem is remock ONE® and remock PRO®, an invisible security lock that is impossible to pick because it cannot be seen from the outside, and remock MAGIC®, a motorized cylinder compatible with the invisible lock.