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remock ONE


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User-configurable intelligent automatic shutdown

Easy installation

Indoor use only

Interior unlocking

Opening and closing button from the inside

Robust design and high durability

Product information


remock ONE is the Invisible Security Lock that can be installed on any door quickly and easily, and controlled by remote control. This solution arises from a problem observed for a long time: the conventional lock has not had great evolution and therefore has increased its vulnerability, because today, anyone with the appropriate means can open it without forcing it by some method such as bumping, slipping, printing, etc.. This entails numerous problems of insecurity and defenselessness for any citizen in his home, office, storage room, country house, etc.


Remock ONE is a surprise factor for those friends of the unwanted who try to perpetrate a robbery and have forced the conventional lock because they will find an unexpected barrier. Protect your loved ones in an easy and effective way.

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